All Wood Cabinet Construction

Furniture quality features are standard.  

Reflects a commitment to quality and detail that is unsurpassed in the Seattle cabinet market.

Mortise & Tenon Face Frames

Hardwood Frames Inside Cabinets

Mortise & Tenon Door Frame

Dovetail Drawers Standard

  • All wood construction, hardwood plywood boxes standard, stained and finished interiors.
  • Face frames (cabinet fronts) are assembled using mortise and tenon joinery (not dowels or screws). These face frames are tongue & grooved into the cabinet top, bottom, and sides for strength. This combination allows for thinner face frames resulting in larger openings for doors and drawers (more storage and access), and no center style (vertical frame) on cabinets up to 36" wide, and up to 42" wide on base cabinets with pull-outs and over-refrigerator cabinets.
  • Hand sanding on all finished edges, cabinet fronts and door frames, with the grain, and also on cross-grain ends of raised panels.
  • Catalyzed conversion varnish, a very tough state-of-the-art finish that was developed for table tops. Stains are hand-rubbed.
  • Dovetail drawers standard, wood species and stain coordinated to cabinet exterior. Drawer boxes are sanded before staining and finishing.  Under-mount drawer slides by Quadro by Hettich provide outstanding stability and smooth, precise movement.
  • Base cabinets have a hardwood frame at the top of the cabinet and under every drawer that is tongue & grooved into the cabinet box. This frame has mortise and tenon corner joints making the cabinet extremely strong and durable.
  • All framed cabinet doors, including flat-panel Shaker style, have a solid wood floating panel (not plywood). In addition to the standard corner joint, the frames are also mortised and tenoned for maximum strength and durability.
  • Finished cabinet ends are fitted with a 3/4" hardwood plywood and grooved into the face frame (not 1/4" over particle board). Paneled cabinet ends (matching door design) are the cabinet sides, and are also grooved into face frame, not overlaid of fastened over cabinet side.
  • Shelving up to 15" deep (front to back) is solid hardwood.
  • Cabinets are shipped blanket-wrapped to the project by furniture transport specialists.

Hardwood frames at top of island cabinet.

Hardwood frame a top of base cabinet.

All fronts and key surfaces hand sanded with the grain.

Paneled end scribed to floor - no molding.

Paneled end scribed to floor - no molding.